BestKnownHost Makes Its Web Hosting Plans Open To Anyone With A Special Discount


BestKnownHost Makes Its Web Hosting Plans Open To Anyone With A Special Discount

Renowned hosting company decided to offer a 50% discount on its web hosting plans. Entrepreneurs in Asia, the US, Canada, and Europe can benefit from this promotion and access premium-quality hosting with 99% uptime and 24/7 network security.


BestKnownHost is a reliable web hosting company with impressive results. Their hosting plans far surpass the competition through various elements. Whether it's uptime, security, ease of use, speed, bandwidth, or customer support, BestKnownHost is the way to go! Recently, they’ve discounted their web hosting plans by 50%, effectively making them super affordable.

The CEO of BestKnownHost, Dean Jones,  knows that entrepreneurs worldwide need help getting their ideas online. One of the world's most performant hosting services is now cheaper by over a half!What's more, the quality of the web hosting plans remains excellent, with:

  • Awesome control panels
  • Reference domain solutions
  • Award cloud infrastructure
  • Support premium 24/7/365
  • 99% uptime guaranteed
  • Unmetered bandwidth

With affordable web hosting, an entrepreneur is free to be as creative as possible. Online presence matters a lot in our digitalized world, and a company’s website needs premium hosting services. It needs to respond quickly, access resources instantly, be available at all times, meet all customer queries, and offer maximum security. With BestKnownHost, all this is easy to achieve!

With our cPanel Starter and Plesk Starter hosting plans, you get more than you bargained for. A premium DNS ensures your clients are never too far. The daily website backups automatically save your data for unforeseen downtimes. As for website security, BestKnownHost scans for malware daily and removes any threats when detected.

BestKnownHost web or shared hosting is very budget-friendly, with ample resources for every individual customer to use as needed.Industry-leading loading times and SSL certificates turn your website into a point of attraction for clients around the world. There are few opportunities better than BestKnownHost’s affordable web hosting plans!

About BestKnownHost

As a web hosting company, our job is to offer nothing less than outstanding hosting services. Every day, we empower entrepreneurs and regular individuals to live their dreams. We provide the perfect tools for an easy online journey, with the final destination being success.

Our organization celebrates inclusivity, diversity, fluidity, and digital empowerment. Through these values, we become wiser, more efficient, better. Our creativity stems from the diverse mindsets we foster. People of various origins and backgrounds work with us to offer top-grade web hosting plans for entrepreneurs worldwide.

The BestKnownHost mission is simple – to offer the best hosting services around the world. Our data centers are located in New York, Montreal, Portugal, London, Moscow, Hong Kong, and Singapore. We have enterprise-class facilities and industry-leading operational support with the best bare metal servers.

Affordable web hosting plans with premium features for an integrated online experience – that’s BestKnownHost. Web hosting has never been cheaper or more quality-oriented before.

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