BestKnownHost To Provide Affordable and High-Quality WordPress Maintenance Services

Renowned web hosting company offers complete maintenance for WordPress websites in 7 locations across the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Entrepreneurs will get peace of mind thanks to this award-winning support.


You can register for a new domain, obtain hosting, and complete maintenance for your WordPress website in just a few clicks. BestKnownHost offers a simple and automatic setup, with software updates, backups, and on-the-clock customer support. If something bothers you, let our team know immediately!

Automatic maintenance will make things easier for you. With less time to spend on maintaining your website, successful ideas are just around the corner. With that free time, entrepreneurs can focus on expanding their business. BestKnownHost offers six packages for WordPress website hosting:

With 30GB of storage, an SSL Certificate, automatic daily malware scans, and backup protection with instant restore. This plan supports 25,000 monthly visits.

All of the above plus 75GB of storage, SEO Optimizer, 1-click testing site, and good for more than 100,000 visits per month.

All of the above plus unlimited storage, unlimited visits per month, and unlimited malware removal and hack repair.

All of the above plusinstant installation of WooCommerce, no transaction fees, unlimited products, booking and appointment scheduling, real-time shipping rates, free premium WooCommerce Storefront design themes, and free access to premium WooCommerce add-on extensions.

For 5 websites, with 50GB SSD storage, SSH/SFTP, one-click staging site, for 800,000 monthly visits.

For 24 websites, with 250GB storage, SSH/SFTP, one-click staging, for 5,000,000 monthly visits

BestKnownHost is ready for traffic spikes with busy servers. This will improve speed and overall performance for WordPress websites. With an affordable support package ready, you’re left with enough time and money to pool into your business. It’s scrap money for complete peace of mind!

Our packages are suitable for any entrepreneur looking to free their schedule. Website maintenance can be a hassle, yet BestKnownHost is here to help. With excellent backup schedules, malware protection, automatic domain name renewal, and much more, you won’t have to worry about your website again.

About BestKnownHost

BestKnownHost is an award-winning web design and hosting company that offers integrated hosting and maintenance services. Our team provides technical support for all WordPress-run websites. Excellence and quality control are two of our core values, and we follow them to this day!

Our hosting company operates in New York, Singapore, Moscow, Montreal, Portugal, London, and Hong Kong. We have bare-metal servers that use innovative technology which offers peak performance and responsiveness.

BestKnownHost maintains a diverse, fluid, and inclusive work environment. To foster our professional creativity and achieve peak performance, we promote a free exchange of ideas. All in all, we’re committed to offering high-quality and affordable WordPress maintenance services to our clients.

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